Here is our newest single, we have been working hard on this one for the past two months.  It is very unique and original, give it a listen!  Blue Rock [Exclusive Single] (Audio) (by cipher2)

The first ever taste of the Electronica/Dance era to encompass C2p in 2014, watch out the edges are rough! TLA Guessticulation (Instrumental/Beat) [Electronic/Dance] {Rough Mix} (Audio) (by cipher2)

Evil & Lethal (edit) (Audio) (by cipher2)

Dusk (Instrumental/Beat) [Hip-hop/Rap] (Audio) (by cipher2)

Our 500th YouTube Vid! This is a feel good beat right here, an omni bus of hiphop/reggae/pop/rock in one funky nutshell and comes highly recommended, enjoy! TLA

Stop (Instrumental/Beat) [Hip-hop/Reggae/Pop/Rock] (Audio) (by cipher2)

Stamina (Instrumental/Beat) [Hip-hop/Rap] (Audio) (by cipher2)

Ha Ha (Again Mix) (Instrumental/Beat) [Hip-hop/Rap] (Audio) (by cipher2)

Groove (Instrumental/Beat) [Hip-hop/Dance] (Audio) (by cipher2)

Come On (Official Music Video) (by cipher2)

Chill (2nd Mix) (Instrumental/Beat) [Hip-hop/Rap] (Audio) (by cipher2)